Spring Cleaning: Part 2

Area 3 to declutter: Clean up your diet! Now, I am no nutritionist. But I do know that most us of could do a better job with drinking water and eating a little bit more clean! Are you using food as a way to fuel your body? What foods do you continue to eat that make you feel like crap? Get ya veggies and protein in babes!! Your body deserves it.

Area 4 to declutter: Your circle. YUP! I said it. Who are you hanging around? Do they make you feel amazing or do they bring your whole vibe down? Can you be yourself – like your whole dang self? You are who you hang around. If you hang around 4 millionaires, you will be the 5th. If you hang around people who make bad choices, you will fall into a similar trap. Be aware of who you are surrounding yourself with because it can make or break your growth. Set boundaries and find those people who align with your values and your goals.

Area 5 to declutter: Your goals and your dreams! It’s time to take a look at the goals you set for yourself for your 2021. Are they too small? Did you achieve some of them? Do you have new ones that you want to add to your list? How can you prioritize your list? What habits do you need to begin to implement to reach your goals? What is 1 thing you can do today to be closer to that person you want to be?

These are some important areas to spring clean! Cheers to a better YOU!!