Hi friends, 

baby, I'm a 

Everyone needs to find their “why”. Your “why” gives you purpose and a reason to keep going, to keep fighting. So, why A Splash of Ash? Let me tell you just a few of my “whys”. 


Now that I've told you just some of my “whys”, it's time for you to find yours. It's time discover your potential, fight for your dreams, and explore your flaws. I want to empower you to live your best life, while being your best self. I promise my tool kit is full and is ready to be shared. Baby, I believe in you. Let the journey begin! 

I believe in love and authenticity. I believe each day is a new opportunity to be great. I believe in empathy and compassion. I believe each person has a unique story to share. I believe in gratitude. I believe that words are powerful so we must use them to lift people up. I believe in energy. I believe that we are all on our way to learning something. I believe in laughter. I believe in treating every moment, no matter how challenging, as something to be embraced. I believe obstacles in life should become fuel for your potential. I believe in helping people become the best version of themselves.I believe that each person has a little magic inside that is waiting to be uncovered and used to make a difference.  



Faulk Center for Counseling 
Palm Beach Atlantic Counseling Center 
Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness

some of my favorite things


Iced Coffee (Add whipped cream on Fridays)


buring expensive candles like it's my middle name


Vodka Soda with a splash of lime